[OF444b-O] 和風sock / Purple ** AMMC/MMC size sock**

[OF444b-O] 和風sock / Purple ** AMMC/MMC size sock**


 ♡ This outfit fit for AMMC and MMC doll ♡

This outfit fit for :

Advanced Mini Mui-chan / Mini Mui-chan
LatiDoll Yellow
Other Similar Dolls


♡ For Dolls, please buy HERE ♡
♡ For Wig, please buy HERE ♡





Doll and wig are NOT INCLUDED.

The actual button, size, dimension and colour of the products may differ.



Warm Reminder

Do not let your Mui-chan wear coloured clothes & wig for a long time. The fabric will inevitably fade due to different temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, spotlights and other factors.