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A little dream helps us to pursuit a 
BIGGER dream…

In 2009, we have stepped in a whole new direction. We develop our own doll’s brand – IxDoll. The first release is our cutie Mui Chan. IxDoll designed her as a ball-joint doll, which allows her to be more flexible and to be able to carry out subtle gestures, in order to fully show her mischievous character.In the process of developing ball joint doll, we have gained more strength in technology and experience. We wish in the future, we can bring you a whole new doll’s experience. We promise there are others new members going to join our IxDoll family and surprise you everytime.

We created our first 5-year-old BJD collection since 2010, a twin sister and brother, Mui-Chan and Fat-Chai. They are created under the gold memory of the 80s Hong Kong. Through Mui-Chan and Fat-Chai, we hope today's citizens will rediscover the joy and importance of interaction between people.

Later, we created the 3-year-old Mini Mui-Chan Collection Every Mini Mui-Chan has her own daily story as if her little diary.

In 2019, We've create Advanced Mini Mui-chan (AMMC) ,newly-invented AMMC’s body is way more flexible and easier to pose. Most importantly, we believe that AMMC would be much cuter, more adorable, and yes, waaaay more customisable!

2019 April, we will release our new vinyl series "Hachichi",ハチ ( Hachi Stand for eight in Japanese. A 8 year old version of Mui chan. 

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Mui-Chan Father

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