[AHT58f-O] Summer Festvial Hat 炸蝦袋** AMMC/MMC size**

[AHT58f-O] Summer Festvial Hat 炸蝦袋** AMMC/MMC size**


 ♡ This hat fit for AMMC and MMC doll ♡

This hat fit for :

Advanced Mini Mui-chan / Mini Mui-chan

♡ For Dolls, please buy HERE ♡
♡ For Wig, please buy HERE ♡


Delivery Date:

Pre-order items will ship within 30-60 working days once orders confirmed, shipping fee excluded



Doll and wig are NOT INCLUDED.

The actual button, size, dimension and color of the products may differ.



Warm Reminder

Do not let your Mui-chan wear colored clothes & wig for a long time. The fabric will inevitably fade due to different temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, spotlights and other factors.